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2015 Pictures

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Many thanks to Rob Chapman, Ian Fisk, and others for supplying photos.

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Eddie & Friends

Eddie and Friends

Sun 18th January

Lena & The Mix

Lena & The Mix

Sun 15th February
Midnight Special

Midnight Special
with Tanya Cornish

Sun 15th March

photos by R Chapman

Murray Mac

Murray Mac & True Grit
with Norma O'Hara Murphy

Sun 15th April

The Blackhats
with Hollie May O'Neil

Sun 17th May

photos by R Chapman


with Workin' Overtime

Workin' Overtime
Sun 15th June

with Kristy Cox
and Derani Sanders

Sun 19th July
Tru Country

Gary Daniel & Tru Country

Sun 16th August

photos by R Chapman

Bernie & the bandits

Bernie And The Bandits
Sun 16th September
City Cowboys

City Cowboys
Sun 18th October

Robert Chapman's photos

Hurtin Four

Hurtin' Four
Sun 15th November

Photos by R Chapman

The SherrahsThe Sherrahs
Sun 15th December