2008 Pictures

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David Pearce

20th January 2008

'Us Blokes'

20th January 2008


Talia Wittmann

and Overdrive

17th February 2008


Tumbling Dice

16th March 2008



Graeme Clarke

16th March 2008


Graeme Hugo


Bernie and the Bandits

20th April 2008


Reg Poole


Owen Blundell

18th May 2008

Country Plus

15th June 2008



20th July 2008


Slim Connor

17th Aug 2008


Murray Mac

and True Grit

17th Aug 2008

The 2008 Slim Dusty

Tribute Show 

Amos Morris Daniel Manning

John O’Dea  Matt Manning

Vanessa Lee Shirley

21st Sept 2008


Tiffney & GoldRush

19th Oct 2008


Creole CowboyZ

16th Nov 2008

Midnight Special

21st Dec 2008

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