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Eddie and Friends

with Dave Williams

Sun 19 January

The Hoffmans

Sun 16 February

Photos by R Chapman

Carole Sturtzel & Wild Oats

With Guest

Nicola Prince

Sun  16  March

Bernie and the Bandits 

with Sarah Cremer

and Kevin Merritt

Sun 27th April

City Cowboys

Sun  18  May

Ella and Nicola

Sun  18  May

Murray Mac & True Grit

with Juliet Oliver


Sun  15  June
Photos by R Chapman

The Sherrah's

plus  Family

Sun  20  July

The Blackhats 

plus  Taylor Pfeiffer

Sun  17  August

Key Country

and Kieran Key

Sun  21  September

Mike Festa's Country Classics Plus Jamie Slape

Sun  19th October


with Gary Daniels

Sun  21st November

Bernie and The Bandits

with Derani Sanders

Sun  21st December