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A Country Music fan perchance?

or fond of recreational dance?

You miss having a sip and a jovial chat?

Well....... our friendly club will soon fix that


Playford Country Music Club has it all

Young and old have a ball

There's laughing and joking and gossip and fun

Good food and prizes for everyone (If you're lucky)


Come along and join us folks

You'll meet good hearted women and really good blokes

You don't need to dress with swish suits or gold

Come as you please out of the cold




Feel the warmth of new friendship, mix with the best

Sociable people who welcome new guests

Come and join us, shade from the sun

Your introduction to Country has truly begun


Don't hang about...........fill in the form

For ten dollars a year you can't go far wrong

A new world awaits you, we'll be seeing you soon

Clicking your heels, and whistling that tune


'The sun has got his hat on

Hip Hip Hip hooray.................

Playford Country Music Club

I'm joining up today...........'


See you there!



Your membership forms are available from committee members at the

 Uley Road Hall, Elizabeth Downs or by phoning (08) 8255 8920.

They are also available in our newsletter.

Or click on this link to download one right now

Membership Form