PCMC Committee


The PCMC's Very Hard Working Committee. (after 2019 AGM)
If you have anything that you would like to discuss, feel free to contact a committee member.

President Keith Warren kwcountry@optusnet.com.au

8255 8920

Vice President Fred Payne frederickpayne3@optusnet.com.au 0401 096 634
Secretary Helen Warren 8255 8920
Treasurer Bruce Goodridge  
Newsletter Chris Scotland  
Public Relations Officer Vacant    
Webmaster Ian Fisk webmaster(at)playfordcountrymusicclub.org.au  



Helen Warren
Keith Warren Fred Payne Helen Warren
Bruce Goodridge Chris Scotland

Ian Fisk

General Committee Members

Fred Hugo

Noeline Masters

Karol Goodridge

Previous Committee Members

Kay Josie Robin Brian Terry He;en

Kay Dobie

to 2007


to 2007

Robin Ellbourn

to 2008


Brian Moore

to 2008

Terry Sheehan

to 2008

Helen Payne
to 2015
Keven Yvonne Barry John  

Keven McGregor

 to 2009

Yvonne McGregor

to 2009

Clive Fossleitner


Barry Warren

to 2010

John Hurst

Jan/June 2011

Les Parris
to 2015

Tash Higgins


Jan 2014

Leanne Clark


Jan 2014

Kay Carlene  Hank
Crystal Antoniazz 2013

Kellie Anderson
Apr 2017


Kay Dobie

to 2014

Carlene Oliver

to 2014


  Veronica Antoniazzi
to 2015

Louise Vardon Kevin Vardon George Dobie to 2016 Margaret Brogan to 2017 Allen Prow to 2017 Peter Day
to 2017

For previous Committees go to our history page