Coming and past Attractions  


2022Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Sept 18 Alias Todd & Jones
Aug 21 Eddie Edwards and friends plus Malcolm Doyle
July 17 Crossfire
June 19 tba
May 15 Tru Country
Apr 17 tba
Mar 20 Palomino Deluxe with Guest Artists The Austins
Feb 20 City Cowboys with guest artist Murray Mac
Jan 16 Eddie Edwards and friends flyer
2021Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Dec 19 The Sherrahs with guest artist Gemma Louise flyer
Nov 21 Midnight Special with guest artist Derani flyer
Oct 17 AGM then City Cowboys With Guest Artist Chooka Williams flyer
Sept 19 AGM then Crossfire With Guest Artists The Austins flyer CANCELLED
Aug 15 Eddie Edwards and friends with Guest Artist Malcolm Doyle flyer CANCELLED
Jul 18 Workin' Overtime flyer
Jun 20 Tru Country With Guest Artist Linda Miller-Booth  flyer
May 16 Palomino Deluxe With Guest Artist Juliet Oliver  flyer
Apr 18 Heartland guest artist Bev Branson  flyer
Mar 21 Jukebox Boys plus Tiffney Reynolds  flyer
Feb 21 Crosstown Connection plus Gemma Louise  flyer
Jan 17 Crossfire plus The Austins after the AGM which starts at 10.30am
2020 Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Dec 20 Workin' Overtime CANCELLED
Nov 15 City Cowboys plus Chooka Williams as guest artist CANCELLED
Oct 18 The Sherrahs plus guest artist Bev Branson CANCELLED
Sept 20 AGM Eddie & Friends plus Malcolm Doyle CANCELLED
Aug 16 AGM then Palomino Deluxe plus Juliet Oliver CANCELLED
July 19 Crossfire plus The Austins  CANCELLED
June 21 Heartland & Graeme Hugo CANCELLED
May 17 Crosstown Connection plus Gemma Tiller flyer CANCELLED
Apr 19 Jukebox Boys plus Tiffney Reynolds  flyer CANCELLED
Mar 15 Highway One With Guest Artist Kiara Mercer flyer
Mar 13 Craig Giles and Kinta
Feb 16 Tru Country plus Derani
Jan 19 Midnight Special plus Mercia & Loni Manners
2019 Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Dec 15 Jay J Shannon & Winchester  flyer
Nov 17 City Cowboys with Chooka Williams  flyer
Oct 20 Heartland plus Gemma Tiller flyer
Sept 15 Palomino Deluxe With Guest Artist Taylor Pfeiffer  flyer
Aug 18 AGM then Jukebox Boys plus Tiffney Reynolds  flyer
July 21 Key Country with Guest Artist Johnny Florence flyer
June 16 Tru Country & Malcolm Doyle  flyer
May 19 Creole Cowboyz  flyer
Apr 21 Eddie & Friends plus Paul Walker  flyer
Mar 17 Palomino Deluxe With Guest Artist Derani  flyer
Mar 7 Craig Giles & Kinta  flyer
Feb 17 Crossfire  flyer
Jan 20 Midnight Special plus Todd & Jones flyer
2018 Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Dec 16 The Sherrahs with Amy Lea as guest artist  flyer
Nov 18 City Cowboys plus guest artist David Pearce  flyer
Oct 21 Road Runners  flyer
Sept 16 D-V8'S flyer
Aug 19 Eddie Edwards & Friends with Juliet Oliver  flyer
Aug 17 Amber Joy Poulton & the Holy Men flyer
July 15 Buddies 4 plus guest artist Connie Kis Andersen  flyer
June 17 Heartland with Chooka Williams and Gemma Tiller
May 20 Jukebox Boys guest artist Tiffney Renolds
May 19 Jukebox Boys Caberet
Apri 22 Brian Letton in Concert with Mat Letton
April 15 Gary Daniel & Tru Country with guest artist Malcolm Doyle
March 18 The Blackhats guest artist Dean Bird
February 18 Workin' Overtime
January 21 Palomino Deluxe
2017 Diary Dates for the Playford Country Music Club
Dec 17 Midnight Special  flyer
Nov 19 Heartland  flyer
Oct 15 Eddie & Friends  flyer
Sept 17 Palomino Deluxe guest artist Juliet Oliver  flyer
Aug 20 Gary Daniel & Tru Country with guest artist Graeme Hugo  flyer
July 16 Creole cowboyZ  flyer
June 18 The Jukebox Boys with guest artist Tiffney Reynolds   flyer
May 21 Bernie & the Bandits with guest artist Amy Lea   flyer
April 23 City Cowboys with guest artist Taylor Pfeiffer flyer
March 19 Angela Easson & Band with guest artist Dean Bird flyer
February 19 Creation flyer
January 15 Key Country with guest artist Johnny Florence
2016 Diary Dates for the Gawler Country Music Club
December 31st New Years Eve with Eddy & Friends   flyer
December 18th Midnight Special   flyer
November 20th Gary Daniel & Tru Country with guest artist Graeme Hugo
October 16th The Sherrahs
October 15th The Sherrahs   Country Gospel Concert
September 18th Murray Mac & True Grit
August 21st The Frontmen
July 17th Heartland
June 19th The Blackhats
May 15thEddie & Friends
April 17thSidetracked with Taylor Pfeiffer
March 20thWorkin' Overtime with Guests Derani And Cassie Sanders
February 21stThe Juke Box Boys
January 17thPalomino Deluxe

Diary Dates for the Gawler Country Music Club

December 15thThe Sherrah Family Band
November 15th Hurtin' Four
October 18th

City Cowboys and Juliet Oliver

September 16thBernie & the Bandits with Nicola Prince and Ella Radbone
August 16th Tru Country
July 19th Heartland with Kristy Cox and Derani Sanders
June 21st Creation with Workin' Overtime (Stewart and Tammie Ray)
May 17th The Blackhats with Hollie May O'Neil
April 19thMurray Mac & True Grit with Norma O'Hara Murphy
March 15thMidnight Special with Tania Cornish
February 15thLena & The Mix
January 18thEddie and Friends

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